How you can help

Here’s how you can create Superhero magic

Raised so far


Our goal


Raise $50 towards a hydrotherapy session in our spa for our Bear Cottage children.

Raise $100 towards paints, pencils, canvases and other art supplies to ensure the children at Bear Cottage can express themselves.

Raise $150 towards a thumb-print necklace for families to always have their children with them.

Raise $200 towards monthly cleaning supplies for our housekeeper.

Raise $500 towards a day for our art therapist to work with the children and families at Bear Cottage.

Raise $1,000 to help our chef make yummy and healthy meals for children, families and guests at Bear Cottage.

Raise $5,000 towards our monthly electricity bill.

Raise $10,000 to provide a family much-needed respite at Bear Cottage for a week.

Raise $20,000 towards the upkeep and maintenance of Bear Cottage, keeping our garden beautiful, our windows clean and our pantry full.

We use Superhero donated funds
to supply services and programs such as:

Respite and Therapy

provided by our social worker and family support team provides assistance and coping strategies for families.

Child Life Therapy

offers play, music and art therapy as a fun and creative outlet for children and families.


We provide camps for our siblings, parents and grandparents to provide them with an opportunity to connect with others who have similar circumstances.

Footprints in the Sand

our bereavement support program is available to our families for as long as they need.

So get your cape on and become a Bear Cottage Superhero!