Event fundraising ideas

Our Bear Cottage patients and families are the inspiration of Superhero Week


Set a date

Officially, Superhero Week runs from 28 July – 3 August 2024, but you can schedule your event to suit your own calendar.

Enlist some help

Ask family, friends and colleagues to assist, approach local businesses for their support—use all your networks to maximise your fundraising efforts.

Tell your friends

Advertise your event as widely as possible. Put it in your newsletter, on your business website or work intranet, and use the hashtag #SuperheroWeek2024 across all social media channels.

Share the load

Designate jobs to colleagues or class groups. One group could be in charge of approaching local businesses, another to set up the event and another to clear away after the event.

Set targets

Set your sights high but make sure your target is achievable.

Safe and legal

Follow Sydney Children's Hospitals Foundation fundraising guidelines to make sure your event is safe and legal.

Remember to say thank you

Thank everyone who made a contribution to your event. Remind them that their generosity means that Bear Cottage can continue to care for terminally ill kids across Australia.

Bank it!

Once the hard work is done, remember to send in the proceeds and the paperwork, as soon as possible. Download and complete a donation deposit form from our downloads page. Please remember to add your Authority to Fundraise number.