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The Power of Positivity

Superhero Kira - can make others happy with her infectious smiles and giggles

When Ben and Lee became first time parents, they never expected to need Bear Cottage. Now they couldn't imagine life without it.

Ben and Lee's twins, Kira and Mia, were separated just two days after birth. Kira then spent the next few months under the care of the Grace Centre for Neonatal Intensive Care at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead (CHW).

Kira, now nine years old, was diagnosed with KCNQ2 Encephalopathy, a rare form of epilepsy that typically presents in the first week of life. She is one of less than 1000 children who have the condition worldwide.

“When Kira was in the Grace Centre, Lee and I had to divide and conquer. There was always one of us in the hospital and the other at home with Mia. As we were first time parents, just having kids at all was a challenge,” said Ben, Kira’s dad.

“Once we had a diagnosis at nine months, we began to try to implement a routine to our lives.”

With KCNQ2 Encephalopathy comes global development delay, which is when children are significantly delayed in their cognitive and physical development. As Kira has severe delays; she will be like a nine-month-old for life. Kira also has further complications and between all the medical appointments, finding the right balance was difficult for the family.

“Family time is pretty limited, even with carer support,” Ben said.

Bear Cottage now plays an important role in their family life.

Kira had her first stay at Bear Cottage in 2019 and has since been a regular visitor. A happy and positive girl, her superpower lies in her infectious smiles and giggles, which have the remarkable ability to spread happiness to all around her.

Ben said the help of Bear Cottage has improved the mental health of the family and allowed Mia to just be a kid too. Knowing that they can enjoy time together as a family at Bear Cottage or feel comfortable taking time out for a holiday with Kira safe in the care of its wonderful team, has brought the family closer together.

“The amazing team of trained professionals are so well organised, and we always feel we can let go knowing that Kira is in good hands. They are all lovely people who genuinely care about their patients and families, and that is true whether it’s the nurses, housekeeping staff, the chefs, or the management team. They all know Kira so well!” Ben said.

“Kira’s sister Mia also really likes Bear Cottage and there is always plenty to do for her as well. From the craft tables and games room, to making friends with other siblings of kids staying onsite, Mia always likes to visit”. Mia embodies the essence of a superhero sister, exuding empathy and

boundless energy, as she endeavours to involve Kira in every aspect of their shared experiences. She is a beacon of support and camaraderie for Kira and together, they form an unstoppable duo.

“Another benefit has been getting to know some of the other parents who stay at Bear Cottage, there is a real sense of community. Just knowing that you are not alone certainly helps and no matter who you talk to, there is always respect.

“Bear Cottage has changed our lives, and we can’t thank them enough for all that they do for us!”

Kira’s family ask that you ‘get your cape on’ this Superhero Week to show support to Bear Cottage and the families they support. As Ben said “Dress up events can make people nervous until they arrive in costume and realise that they wouldn’t have had as much fun if they hadn’t got into the spirit of it all. You may feel a little silly but most actually see it as a sign of courage”.

A real trooper!

Superhero Emmanuel – has the determination to persevere through adversity

Emmanuel is a bright and bubbly young man. His smile lights up a room when he enters, and everyone falls in love as soon as they see him. He loves being tickled, to listen to music, dance with his siblings, and happily observe the world around him. Best of all, he loves cuddles!

The challenges that he has faced from the start of his life and his strength to overcome all the medical obstacles that have been thrown his way, make him a little fighter and superhero. Mum says, “Without superpowers, he would not be able to deal with the daily demands of a medically complex life”.

His most remarkable superhero attribute lies in his ability to find solace in watching one of his many favourite videos, even amidst painful medical tests, or when he is in general pain. Just by watching what he loves, he can take his mind off the pain, and even laugh......what a trooper! A testament to his incredible resilience.

Emmanuel was born with neonatal onset Ornathine Transcarbamylase Deficiency (OTC). The family did not know of his condition until he seemed unwell a day after he was born. After being rushed back to ED, and hours of testing, it took weeks to confirm his diagnosis of OTC.

As time has gone on, and they have adapted to the needs of Emmanuel, they have learned as a family that living day by day is the best way to live and cherish every day that they all have together as a family. Life can be very tough sometimes, but they focus on making their days together the best they can be.

“At first, I was very sceptical about what Bear Cottage could provide for us. I was scared to leave my son in the hands of others while I got rest. I even felt guilty about it. But once we 'bit the bullet' so to speak and walked through the doors of the cottage, I felt immediately at ease”, said Teresa, Emmanuel’s mum.

“I love the smiles we get as soon as we go through the doors - we feel part of a much-loved extended family”.

Emmanuel is the youngest of five children and his initial illness put a massive strain on the family. His siblings were thrown into confusion about what was happening with their brother and Teresa and Louie, were just overwhelmed with the unknown future of their baby. Emmanuel's siblings have learned to be more patient and have more love for their fellow neighbour. It has taught them the value of life's preciousness, demonstrating that through our everyday actions, such as sharing love, kindness, and a smile, we can profoundly impact the lives of others.

“Bear cottage has given us what we could not get anywhere else. The love and care they show Emmanuel and our whole family is beyond compare and absolutely priceless. Without their help and support, we would not get the much need break that our minds and bodies require when you are faced with the daily challenges of living with a medically complex child.”

Emmanuel’s family believe Superhero Week is “a time to celebrate our young children, who are going through so much and give them a chance to show the world who they truly are, Superheroes!”

Superhero Ben – with a gorgeous smile that lights up any room

Ben is a charming eight-year-old boy with a huge grin and a lovely laugh. When Ben was born, an unexpected brain injury resulted in severe quadriplegic cerebral palsy. A few weeks later, Ben was discharged from the hospital and the enormity of caring for a terribly unwell child overwhelmed Peter and Vita. So, they came to Bear Cottage and ended up staying for about three months. “Everyone at Bear Cottage was kind and calm, not bothered by feeding tubes, medicine or a very unsettled Ben…it was such a relief.” And the rest is history.

Ben and his family have been coming to Bear Cottage once or twice a year for respite for eight years – and they love it! One of Ben’s favourite things is the large bath and the music therapy sessions. For Mum Vita, “A stay at Bear Cottage means a change of scene, fresh sea air, chef cooked meals, relaxed family time and no housework. It means time and space to rest and recharge”. Ben’s adoring sisters love that the family have a chance to hit pause for a short while. They can enjoy spending time together doing arts and crafts, reading their favourite stories, or taking a stroll down to Fairy Bower Beach. (Not to mention, there are Coco Pops in the kitchen and ice blocks in the freezer!).

In true superhero style, nothing stops Ben enjoying life – whether he’s giggling with his two sisters, Ruby and Sophie, working out with his physio, going to school or listening to birds – his good humour will have you joining in, in no time. Ben is “a champion of resilience, he has an amazing ability to bounce back from any situation – his gorgeous smile and pure heart lights up any room”.

Peter and Vita believe the support for the family comes from not only the Bear Cottage staff but from meeting other children and amazing families in similar circumstances who ‘get it’, which Vita says “has led to friendship and mutual support".

For Ben’s family, Bear Cottage plays an important role in their family life – and they have seen how it can play a big part in whether parents cope or fall apart. “Bear Cottage provides the support for families to gather the strength to keep facing the unbearable”. And that’s why they are asking you to support Bear Cottage this Superhero Week, to help raise vital funds so Bear Cottage can continue to be there for superheroes like Ben when they need it most.

“Portia will do incredible things one day and I cannot wait to stand by her side and watch her conquer the world – she’s my very own Superhero”.

Superhero Portia is 20 months old and a very happy little girl who loves the Wiggles, music and shaking her rattle. At the end of May 2022, just 4 days before her 1st Birthday, Portia went into cardiac arrest and spent time in a coma and on life support and has since been diagnosed with a brain injury, Cerebral Palsy and her sight has been affected. As the weeks go on, Portia is improving and is the most courageous and fun little girl – with her own cheeky little personality developing more each day.

There’s always a smile on Portia’s beautiful face and mum Megan, says “It’s going to be a different journey from what we had thought but now I can’t imagine it any other way. Portia will do incredible things one day and I cannot wait to stand by her side and watch her conquer the world – she’s my very own superhero”.

Portia and Megan first came to Bear Cottage in September 2022 as a step down to home after being discharged from the hospital and truly believes it prepared them for life at home with Portia. Megan was very unsure and nervous at first bringing Portia home from the hospital, but after spending a week at Bear Cottage with the nurses and staff supporting them, she felt so much more confident. Megan was also thankful that Paige, Portia’s seven-year-old sister, was able to stay with them at Bear Cottage and got to understand what it was like to have a sister with high needs.

For Portia’s family, staying at Bear Cottage “gives us time to be a family and enjoy time together, to create new memories as a family with Portia, giving us a break from our busy daily life. Having the caring and supportive Bear Cottage nurses and staff makes us feel like we’re at home, everyone shows so much love and warmth. Bear Cottage is our happy place”.

Whilst at Bear Cottage, Portia enjoys music and singing songs with the Music Therapist, Belle, getting lots of cuddles from the nurses and have a story read to her by one of the volunteers.

Not only is there amazing support for Portia, but Paige, also loves staying at Bear Cottage where she spends hours playing with therapy dogs Henry and Beau, doing craft with the Child Life Therapist, Polly, hanging out in the sensory room and going for a swim at the beach. Megan’s favourite part of their stay “is when everyone sits around and enjoys a meal together, it’s like one big family”.

“Bear Cottage is an amazing place and brings so much joy to so many children and families. Having the support of Bear Cottage gives parents and families a home away from home and a place to have a much needed rest and break” and Portia’s family would like you to get your cape on and help raise funds to ensure Bear Cottage can support all our Superheroes.

Strength and resilience

Every day, without warning, people can be forced to show superhero strength they never knew they had. That’s exactly what Angelina and her family did two years ago after her shock diagnosis.

Angelina is 16-years-old and lives with Lafora disease; a sadly incurable disorder that affects the whole body but mainly the brain. The very rare condition comes with what is commonly called childhood dementia. Angelina has symptoms like confusion, behavioural and speech difficulties.

Only a few years ago, before her diagnosis. Angelina was a typical, bubbly, high school student who loved hanging with her friends. But today she can no longer go to school, read, write or even hold a pen.

In such a short time, Angelina has gone from being a high-achieving student who loved drama class to being completely dependent on her family. From feeding, to bathing and dressing, she needs around-the-clock care and must be monitored constantly.

It’s so tough for Angelina to adjust to the huge changes Lafora disease continues to bring. Just leaving the house takes enormous effort and care. Once-easy decisions, like what to wear, have been suddenly replaced with major struggles like trying to avoid the unpredictable bright lights in public spaces that can cause her to have seizures.

Watching Angelina deteriorate is devastating for her mum Niki and the entire family, including Angelina’s older sister and three step siblings. For now she is still walking and talking and determined to make each moment count, for which they are thankful, but at some point, they know she will become bedridden.

Through it all though, Angelina’s sparkling personality and determination shine bright. Even in the toughest moments, as they struggle to cope, Angelina’s family are amazed by her superhero strength – as well as their own.

“Life is extremely challenging,” says Niki. “The whole family is on high alert all day every day. But Angelina is still very ambitious and independent, and she wants to do everything herself. She is determined to fight, which is a good thing.”

However, the truth is, even superheroes need support and when Angelina’s family needed this the most, Bear Cottage was there - thanks to the generosity of supporters like you.

Bear Cottage is somewhere the whole family can escape to for much-needed respite. It has become their home away from home – a unique place to relax, make memories and connect with other families, all while meeting the complex needs of Angelina’s life-limiting condition.

“Angelina loves the nurses, the deep bubble bath, watching movies and the whole social engagement and interaction that take her away from the confines of home life,” says Niki.

“It’s like a holiday for her and she never wants to leave.”

The break from intense caring responsibilities is something Niki and the family also appreciate deeply.

“The nurses help so much that I get to have a good rest from feeding, bathing and dressing her,” says Niki.

“Other perks are not having to cook or clean too – so you really get to revive to keep going as daily life doesn’t stop.”

Bear Cottage has never been more vital for families like Angelina’s. With the future so uncertain for the teenager and others like her, Angelina’s mum encourages everyone to support Superhero Week this July. By doing so, you will ensure every family who needs it can know the immense relief that comes from visiting Bear Cottage.

“Bear Cottage is a place where Angelina can forget that she is sick and feel normal for just a little bit.”

Superboy Kobi has a smile and inner strength that lifts his mum, Ella’s spirits on the toughest of days. The mother of two is grateful a place exists where her family can go to relax and recharge – to keep that beautiful bond with Kobi thriving.

Ella’s pregnancy with Kobi was perfect - her sonograms showed he was measuring well and everything was on track. In the months leading up to his birth, she even read nursery rhymes and bedtime stories to help Kobi recognise her voice.

Shortly after Kobi was born, he turned blue and the life she hoped for her newborn baby boy started to feel more and more out of reach. Kobi spent the first year of his life at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, where he was treated for feeding difficulties, breathing problems and then cardiac arrests.

Instead of playgroups, their family attended appointments and instead of holidays there were hospital stays.

Despite countless tests and genetic sequencing, to this day, Kobi’s condition remains a mystery. Now 12 years old, he can’t speak, swallow, eat, sit, stand or walk and breathes with the help of a tube inserted into his neck called a tracheostomy.

Due to his high medical needs, Kobi will need intense support for the rest of his life.

Kobi has every reason to be frustrated. Yet despite his huge challenges, he lives with a calm, joyful and gentle spirit. “Kobi is a superhero,” says Ella. “Despite all his limitations he is the most beautiful boy, he is strong, and he is happy. He can make you feel pure love.”

Ella admits Kobi’s round-the-clock needs can leave the family, including Kobi’s dad Grant, and sister Harper, isolated and burnt out. Life is filled with extended hospital stays, therapy and medical equipment. As Kobi’s condition is unknown, there is no support group to connect with others like them. “It has been very hard to find a place to fit in,” says Ella.

But when Kobi was three, all that changed. His family was invited to stay at Bear Cottage, the only children’s hospice in NSW. At first, Ella was sceptical. “I thought it would be a sombre place,” she says. “…but how wrong was I!”

On their first visit, Ella quickly realised Bear Cottage was a place they could all feel right at home. The staff and other families truly understood the emotional and physical impact of caring for Kobi. That felt amazing. It was a place they could come to live.

On their regular Bear Cottage stays, Kobi enjoys activities with the other children, like craft, singing and the sensory room. He loves visiting the Manly beach pool and floating in the water. The focus is always on building his strengths – not on his limitations. “At Bear Cottage, the team treat Kobi as the amazing little dude he is,” says Ella.

His five-year-old sister, Harper really enjoys the Christmas parties, with activities for everyone, yummy food and of course Santa. She looks forward to meeting other siblings and to relaxing with Kobi, away from their usual routines of home.  

For Ella, it’s the chance to take a break from the medical aspects of caring for Kobi. “We can relax and have time to be just mum, dad and sister to him,” she says.

“The opportunity to connect with other mothers at Bear Cottage’s bootcamps are so special. I still remember my first trip - it was the first time I felt like an ordinary mum, surrounded by strong women going through unique but similar journeys and I’ve made lifelong friends,” recalls Ella.

As this year’s proud Superhero Week Ambassador’s, Ella wants you to know how important Bear Cottage is: a place of love and fun, where parents like her can celebrate their superhero children with life-limiting conditions. “When you support Bear Cottage, you are giving kids like Kobi the chance to experience new things and allowing us to re-energise, so we can continue to be the best carers possible.”

The incredible support of Bear Cottage is only possible thanks to the generosity of people like you. Get your cape on and join us this Superhero Week from 23-29 July 2022 to help more families like Kobi’s access our respite and care.


Dynamic Duo - Jen and Alexander

Bravery, courage and love – three traits all superheroes possess, and three words that define Cameron’s family.

Cameron was just six months old when his parents, Rachel and Matthew realized he wasn’t developing like other babies his age. In the blink of an eye, their normal world morphed into a world full of hospitals, doctors, waiting rooms and MRIs to try to find out what was wrong with their baby boy.

After a year of tests, doctors confirmed the news Rachel and Matthew had been fearing – Cameron had cerebral palsy, scoliosis and epilepsy. The diagnosis meant that Cameron could suffer multiple seizures a day, would need to be fed through a tube and would rely on medication and around the clock care for the rest of his life.

The journey that followed was tough but in true superhero form, Cameron and his family faced it head on, approaching each day with immeasurable strength and courage.

Knowing that no battle is fought alone, Cameron’s family turned to Bear Cottage.

“Bear Cottage was there for us when we needed it most. It has become our second home and somewhere our family can go to regroup and re-energise,” Rachel said.

Bear Cottage offers a place for Cameron’s family to enjoy being just that – a family. With the comfort of knowing Cameron is receiving the best medical care, they can take the time to relax and enjoy some of life’s simpler pleasures, like going on excursions, enjoying Art and Music Therapy, visiting the beach and so much more.

“Bear Cottage isn't a sad place; it is a beautiful place that brings joy and hope to so many families like mine. The memories that we have been able to make there are priceless,” Rachel said. For sisters, Chelsea (11) and Tayla (7), Bear Cottage also gives them the opportunity to attend Sibling Camps where they can meet other kids who can relate to what they are going through.

Despite everything they have been through, Cameron and his family still approach each day with bravery, courage and love.

“Cameron is my superhero because he lives every day to the fullest. He has the ability to put a smile on everyone's face,” Rachel said.

“My girls are incredible too with what they do for Cameron. Not only do they take beautiful care of their brother, but they also encourage their school and friends to get involved in Superhero Week to help support him and kids like him,”

Help us support incredible families like Cameron’s by taking part in Superhero Week.

Embracing Uncertainty - Isla

Even before she was born, super girl Isla was overcoming huge challenges just to survive.

Isla was born with Edwards Syndrome (trisomy 18), a genetic condition, resulting in severe disability. Caused by an extra chromosome 18, babies with the disorder also have life-threatening medical conditions, like breathing and heart problems.

Isla’s parents Nadine and Steve received her devastating diagnosis at just 12 weeks gestation. “We were told the average lifespan for infants that survive to birth is three days to two weeks,” recalls Nadine. “Of those, only 5% to 10% survive past their first birthday.”

It was during this extremely uncertain, sad and overwhelming time that Nadine and Steve were referred to Bear Cottage: it proved to be a lifeline and was exactly what was needed.

“A child’s imminent death is phenomenally challenging,” says Steve. “Trying to hold all the uncertainty in our heads was exhausting. But from the start, the Bear Cottage team cut through the doom and gloom to focus on our needs; both if things went well and if they did not.”

Against the odds, super girl Isla survived the critical first weeks. She has continued to surprise everyone with her strong spirit and will soon celebrate her third birthday – a remarkable milestone. This cheeky, smiley little girl just loves people watching, being outdoors – and especially being with her big brothers Isaac and William!

But the fact is, Isla faces huge health and physical challenges every day and requires constant care from her family. She has severe intellectual and developmental impairments and will need 24/7 care for life. Therapy sessions, tests and doctor appointments are a daily reality.

While Isla is happily unaware of her condition, life will never be the same for her family as they face day-after-day worrying about Isla’s health. Going without the local support of extended family, who are back in the UK, along with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, have added extra layers of worry.

“It’s been difficult,” says Nadine. “Isla’s lifespan is uncertain but likely to be short, so our focus is on her quality of life.”

Nadine is just grateful that Bear Cottage has been there for the whole family since the very start. Whether it’s a respite visit or a stay after one of Isla’s surgeries, it brings indescribable relief to hand over responsibility for Isla’s complex care to the team, after months providing 24/7 support to her, while also trying to give Isaac and William a normal childhood.

At Bear Cottage, Steve and Nadine know there is always someone to chat to who understands. Isaac and William look forward to making keepsakes with the art therapist and using the spa and games room. Steve enjoys walks on the Manly coastline. “Having some time with my own thoughts in a beautiful seaside environment is very precious,” he says.

Nadine explains: “We usually take the boys to the cinema, visit the ocean pool and eat fish and chips at Manly. Getting to focus on Isaac and William is a fantastic aspect of the stay. And when we get back to Bear Cottage after a day out with the boys, we find Isla has had a day packed with activities with the therapists, volunteers and nurses.”

Because of Bear Cottage, Isla’s family has the support they need to embrace each day, despite facing an uncertain future. Nadine and Steve encourage everyone to support Superhero Week this July, to help raise vital funds for critical support they and others couldn’t live without.

“Our normal is almost unimaginable for most people,” says Nadine. “But the Bear Cottage team is amazing and so crucial: they make the impossible seem possible and help us see a way through.”

"The kids at Bear Cottage, their families and carers are all superheroes."

“Thank you for getting on board this Superhero Week and supporting families like ours – our stays at Bear Cottage are always a highlight.”

Dynamic Duo - Jen and Alexander

Dynamic duo - Jen and Alexander

Jen and beautiful little Alexander are two of our very special Bear Cottage Superheroes.

Two-and-a-half-year-old Alexander was born with a number of significant complications and had many months in hospital before he was able to come home. With brain, heart and respiratory issues, he requires around the clock care and whilst Jen has some support, being his primary caregiver meant sleepless nights and the weight of all parental responsibilities and high-level medical care resting on her shoulders.

As a parent raising a child with chronic medical needs without a partner, life is not easy, but in October 2016 Jen was pushed to a new limit. Diagnosed with cancer, she wondered what her pending surgery and extensive treatment and recovery time would mean for the care of Alexander.

That’s when she first connected with Bear Cottage, and they have continued to visit for regular respite ever since. “I knew from reputation that we would be greeted with a warm smile and hug and accepted unconditionally. I wasn’t prepared for the instantly calming atmosphere, the homely feel, well-stocked bookshelves, hand-made quilts on each bed and the gracious volunteer playing the Cottage’s grand piano and inviting children to gather around and enjoy the music.

As a mother I was overjoyed and inspired to see my son encouraged to interact in art therapy and music classes, where he is assisted to paint his own handprint or listen and explore a range of musical instruments. He is cared for like someone’s only child and not ‘just’ a patient. Our visits to Bear Cottage allow me to be the best mum I can possibly be and to maintain equilibrium in my life. I am unable to change my palliative child’s chronic and complex condition – that much I know and accept. But as Alexander’s mother, I can now just focus my time and energy on making his fraught and unpredictable life as comfortable as it can possibly be. I feel very fortunate that Bear Cottage is able to understand Alexander’s complicated medical needs and provide so much care for us both.”

Your support during Superhero Week helps us continue to provide this vital support to special superheroes like Jen and Alexander. Thank you!

Family Ties - Belinda, Bear Cottage mum

Family ties - Belinda, Bear Cottage mum

Asking for and accepting help has never been something we’ve been comfortable with.

When our daughter, Erin (now 10) was born we knew eventually we’d need a bit of help. Erin suffered a fetal-maternal transfusion within the final hours of pregnancy, this means that most of her blood drained out of her body before birth.

Erin had a number of blood transfusions at birth, but her brain was badly damaged as a result. Erin has cerebral palsy and we were told that with the amount of damage to her brain, it would be unlikely if Erin survived past her first birthday.

We first heard about Bear Cottage in the early days of Erin’s life. Unfortunately, our stubbornness prevented us from visiting or having any contact.

When Erin was 7 years old, her airways started collapsing and we were again given the heartbreaking diagnosis that Erin’s condition would more than likely be fatal. After spending a long, hard and emotional 7 months locked up inside our house, to keep Erin at a stable air temperature we were at breaking point. We needed to open up and allow someone else to help us to care for Erin and to allow us the opportunity to have a break and spend some much-needed time with our son Denver (now 12).

I arranged for Erin, Denver and myself to spend a week at Bear Cottage and for my husband Darin to join us at the weekend. I didn’t really know what to expect. I was amazed at how relaxed, comfortable and welcome we felt.

Denver enjoyed meeting other siblings, being involved with the music therapy, visiting the beach and spending quality time together. He was made to feel very welcome by all of the staff and volunteers and loved the attention he was receiving from everyone.

After the first few days, my husband asked me “Does it really feel like a break?” Yes it really did, so much more than expected. I was able to sleep in, go for walks, relax, do yoga and enjoy the good parts with Erin like cuddling and not having to worry about the day-to-day care of feeding, bathing etc.  Darin joined us on the weekend and was able to relax and see for himself what I’d been telling him all week. At the end of our first week, honestly we didn’t want to leave.

In the years following, we have been able to visit Bear Cottage as a family numerous times. I’ve attended a mum’s camp where I was pampered, spoilt but most importantly I was able to meet some amazing mums and connect with them in a relaxed and fun way.

Denver has really embraced being a part of the Bear Cottage family. He has attended sibling camps where he was able to meet and bond with other siblings who ‘just get it’.

Denver was inspired to approach his school and nominate Bear Cottage to raise awareness and funds. With the help of his teachers and the school community, the school held a Superhero Day where all the teachers and students dressed up as superheroes, had a teddy bears picnic and held a raffle. Denver even contacted Arnott’s Biscuits to see if they could donate Tiny Teddy Biscuits for the students to enjoy as part of their day. He was beyond excited when they agreed. The day went well and the school was able to raise almost $2,000 to present to Bear Cottage.

Denver loved telling his friends and fellow students about Bear Cottage, what it is and why it is such an important place for families. As parents, we are so proud and happy that he has been able to fulfil his dream to give a little back to this place that has made him feel like he was a part of it.

Bear Cottage is an amazing place for families like ours. We’ve met many great people that we’ve been able to bond with, share stories and experiences with on our own terms knowing that we have all been through so much and all understand the feelings that we have experienced with our childrens' diagnoses.

Bear Cottage is not only caring and beneficial for the sick child, it is special to the entire family, and I can now see how important that is for all of us.

Wonder boy - Moustafa

The word “superheroes” can sometimes be overused but when it comes to describing Moustafa and his family, you couldn’t find a more perfect description.

Moustafa is 10 years old and lives with a rare disorder known as VACTERL syndrome. The complex disorder affects multiple parts of his body including his heart, vertebrae, kidneys and limbs and has meant that Moustafa is unable to walk, talk, eat or even breathe on his own or without aid – in other words, Moustafa is completely dependent on mum and dad.

Moustafa’s life is dictated by his medical needs. Everything from eating, playing, sleeping and bathing right through to medication and social interactions require a relentless routine that must be overseen by his mum and dad 24/7. This is in addition to the constant medical appointments and hospital admissions. Just leaving the house requires a superhuman effort. 

As Moustafa gets older this complex regime only becomes more complicated and the responsibility of caring for him gets bigger and bigger. But despite the devastating impact of Moustafa’s condition, his incredible family take every challenge in their stride.  

“Caring for Moustafa has taken a huge toll on everyone, we have had to adjust our entire life to ensure the family stays afloat” says Dad Mahmoud.

“But for everything we have to go through, we know Moustafa goes through so much more. Despite all his hardships, he is still able to smile and shows so much willpower and determination. That’s what keeps us going . . . in our eyes Moustafa is a real super hero” 

Knowing that no battle should be fought alone, Moustafa’s family turned to Bear Cottage last year – a place they described as “paradise on earth”.

“Upon our first stay we were blown away; the best way I can describe it is as a five-star hotel that is run by doctors and nurses,” says Mahmoud.

“Being at Bear Cottage allowed us to put a stop to our hectic 24/7 routine and truly be a family. We had the opportunity to rejuvenate, relax and focus on ourselves without compromising Moustafa’s needs.”

“The best part of Bear Cottage is that it accommodates and focuses on the entire families’ needs individually and also as a family and so we are all taken into consideration and are given a voice in our silent world” Moustafas parents said. 

Mum Eman says, “It also gives Moustafa a way to make the most out of his childhood. The fact that he can be included in everyday activities without boundaries and limitations means everything to him and to us.”  

For Moustafa’s siblings, Aminah (13), Zena (11), Layla (6) and Yusef (4), Bear Cottage provides them with a place where they can escape from their normal reality and enjoy just being kids too.

“Bear Cottage is a world where kids with special needs and their families can be normal, even if it is just for a while. It has given our children the opportunity to enjoy themselves and have some normal, childhood experiences without being judged. They get to meet other kids going through the same thing but most importantly, we all get to enjoying just being together as a family.” says Mahmoud. 

Knowing the incredible difference Bear Cottage has made to their lives, Moustafa’s family are encouraging everyone to support Superhero Week this July and help raise vital funds so Bear Cottage can continue to be there for superheroes like Moustafa when they need it most.

“Bear Cottage has given us a rope of hope – we don’t know where we would be without it.”

Wonder Girl - Jamieson

Wonder girl - Jamieson

Living in Dunedoo, it’s not easy to do a lot of things. Bear Cottage helps me in many ways.

I’m a 14-year-old girl and I live with my mum, sister and brother. We’ve been coming to Bear Cottage for about six years. I remember when I first came here it wasn’t at all what I expected. I thought it would be more like a hospital but it isn’t, it’s very homely. Everyone is very kind and I feel comfortable talking to people and making friends.

At Bear Cottage I get to do things that I can’t do at home. I know it sounds small, but having a bath is a big deal for me so when I’m at the Cottage, I love to have a long warm bath. They really pamper me; I have my nails done and get my hair cut and styled.

I also love to go for coastal strolls along the beach with my mum. It’s pretty neat that she can stay with me, and so can my sister and brother. I love going on the wheelchair swing - you see, I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie and I get to go pretty high! Can’t do that in Dundedoo!

This year has been a big year for us. My mum had a pretty bad back injury and had to have surgery. I stayed at Bear Cottage so the nurses and team could care for me whilst mum recovered.

Without Bear Cottage I wouldn’t be able to stay in the hometown of my favourite footy team. I am the Manly Sea Eagles’ biggest fan! Staying at Bear Cottage means I get to go to some of the local footy games. Sometimes, the players visit me at the Cottage and have made some of my birthday celebrations pretty special.

I’ve met heaps of great people through different events and fundraisers for Bear Cottage. Being a creative chick, I love to draw, colour-in complex pictures and create keepsake objects that I can take home. When my mum was in hospital, I made two dream catchers. I kept one and gave mum one, so we were connected and all our bad dreams were caught and taken away. There’s so much opportunity to make things and make memories at the Cottage. I’m always happy when I’m here.