This is where you can plan, host, join an event or make a donation to a friend or team you know.

How you can help us

We aim for expert care for every child, every time – that’s why we need your support. Raise money for Bear Cottage by organising your own individual or team Superhero fundraising event.

You are only limited by your imagination and it’s easy to get started!

If you’re unsure what to do, contact our team at Bear Cottage for inspiration and advice. They would love to hear from you! Otherwise, download our "How to fundraise" guide below.

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Hold your own event

Create your own customised (individual or team) fundraising page, set yourself a target and let all your friends and family know.

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Superhero Dress Up

Assemble your team of superheroes! Gather your friends and dress up as your favourite superheroes to raise funds for Bear Cottage!

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Trivia Night

Fundraise by holding your own superhero themed trivia night! Challenge your friends to find the greatest superhero aficionado!

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You can help support us by holding a mufti day, fete or fair, your own "a-thon", raffle or your own idea at your school.

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Movie Night

Gather your team to watch everyone's favourite superhero movies! Sell tickets to your movie night to raise funds for Bear Cottage!

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Super Deed!

Help Gran in the garden, wheel out the bins for an elderly neighbour—it’s all about raising money while helping others.

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Download our fundraising guide