By Vik Bridgstock

Workout wonders call out….!!

As a nurse, I see that families often need to come to Bear Cottage to have more time to sit back and let us take the "nursing duties" role. This provides more opportunity to allow them all to relax, make memories, honestly... to just enable them time to be a family. 

Bear Cottage is an extremely calm environment - with so many areas that the children and their familes can enjoy. However, it is also a hospice where we as a team bring joy and laughter - we play, dance, and sing. There are pets, a chef and we offer many therapies. 

Every person that comes to Bear Cottage comments on how it is such a "homely" environment. 

So, this week I'm calling out for help to support these superheroes! 

I hope we can continue to provide care for all of these familes but we need your support. 

As its lockdown I cant do the fundraiser that I was aiming for, however togetheras a community we can show resilience and raise money by "exercising"!

Every time you workout this week, I'm asking you to kindly donate on the page. It can be a walk, a run, weights, surf, footy, PT sessions, basketball, skating, ski-ing... and please share, share, share....

I am still so grateful for the community support last year, and I know we can "show some love" again this week!

In advance - on behalf of the nurses at BC and the families that we care for,  thank you!

Nurse Vik x

Let’s fundraise for Bear Cottage!

Bear Cottage is the only children’s hospice in NSW, providing respite and end-of-life care for children with terminal illnesses and their families in a medically supported ‘home away from home’. For children in their care there is no happy ending or miracle cure. Bear Cottage gives them as much love, care, laughter, fun, and support, as they need.

You can support these familes this week, by exercising! 

Lets join together to fundraise for this amazing cause! Every time you go out this week to run, walk, surf, skate, dance, swim, do weights, ski, any type of exercise, please jump on the page and donate, and please do share! 

I still am so grateful for what the community me around me rasied last year - so lets do it again for these familes! 

PS. If you want to share videos, dress up as a superhero, get your kids involved, pls tag me and lets use the #BCworkoutwonders


THANK YOU!!!! Vik xx

Thank you to my Sponsors



GMFIT is SO proud of everything you are and everything you are doing! The work you do and the support you provide is unbelievable and we will support you wherever we can! We love you! GM xx


El Arja Family

Thank you for all you do for our boys❤️❤️


Paul Fuchs

Great job team Bridgstock



Paying it forward =)


Lisha, Dante And Blake Mulqueeny

You and your work are a never ending inspiration 💕⭐️


Kris Gailloux

Good luck Vik


Yani Dobson

Lots of strength to you and the families xx


Claire O’keefe

For all the superheroes at Bear Cottage


Charlotte Garland



First surf of the week! Let’s do this for the families Mum 🏄🏼‍♂️



Amazing work that you do Vik 😊 I hope you smash your goal its such a great cause Xxxx


Alena Turley

Love your work lady xx


Vik, Coen And Inca ?

We’ve started it off … 🥾



After my bike ride today Mum